Owner’s Representative Services

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Owner’s Representative Services

Building a custom home is a complex process involving multiple teams and firms working under distinct contracts and often on partly overlapping timelines. As owner’s representative, EDB’s primary responsibility is to coordinate and oversee all that activity, end to end. Because our only stake in the project is manage our client’s interests, we can take an objective view of the situation at every stage, from planning through completion.  That allows us to control and often reduce costs, assure quality, enhance cooperation between contracted parties, shorten construction time, and lower stress all round.

Here‘s some of what we do as owner’s representative:

+ Evaluate title and zoning requirements for the site
+ Manage property acquisition
+ Prepare an initial budget estimate
+ Solicit and analyze contractor proposals and bids
+ Negotiate contracts and fees
+ Review and monitor design and construction drawings
+ Direct hazardous materials testing and analysis
+ Audit the project budget and schedule
+ Prepare job cost reports and forecasts

+ Manage construction loan draws as needed
+ Conduct on-site construction meetings with contractors
+ Provide field quality control and assurance
+ Arrange hazardous materials remediation
+ Attend all inspections
+ Review and approve change orders and pay applications
+ Purchase furniture and equipment
+ Coordinate punch-list work